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Am a woman in mid-thirties with so many questions and stories to tell from my experiences.I like to talk , observe people and register all things that I see.I seek google for all my questions but even google seems to not have an answer to the most frequently asked question ‘‘What is the purpose of my life’? I break down finding an answer to this question ,and this constant inquisitiveness about finding myself and my purpose made me think about having my own website/blog.I want this blog to be a repository of my thoughts and at the same time enhance and enrich people who live around me.

A few said it’s a mid thirty indian woman crisis especially those who quit job and stay at home but I whole heartedly embraced being home,I take care of the aesthetic part of life and am a proud mother of a son and a daughter.All I want is for all of us to be empowered and empower each other in-turn, because only when everybody is happy there could be a Blissful atmosphere all around.

The drive ,the over flowing energy,the ceaseless need to do something ,to do GOOD for everyone makes me wanna do a thing that which is the true me and is not something that I should learn to do.I read ,re read and repeat to  this quote from confucius 100 times  ‘Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ and decided to take up writing and ask the Universe to help me keep up with writing.

I cook ,decorate home,raise my children well,read books,grow food and compost ,believe in organic living and the most significant aspect of my life is that my eyes have opened to the feeling that life can be made beautiful with positive thoughts and surrounding ourselves with like minded people.

In the journey of understanding what Life is and what my calling is it is crystal clear that Happiness is the core of everything and hence I name my website Sukham Bhava.

Yes am totally ready to become a Change Maker Home Maker !

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