Giving back to the community


They only live who live for others,the rest are more dead than alive - Swami Vivekananda.
From my experience am gonna craft all that I learnt about giving back and reason out 

Why should we give back?
What are the ways of giving back?
How to inculcate the habit of giving back?

Growing up Amma always said when we give or donate, it must be done in such a way that even the left hand shouldn't know that the right one just donated something ,no mention about our donations ,no show off or exhibition,however contexts are different ,depends on time and location.Giving,giving with whole heart and expecting nothing in turn or having any expectations is the thumb rule of giving ,because the Universe will take care of what to give us back in turn for what we did ,and nobody messes with the Universe's arithmetic the 'Karma'.

For any individual the fullest satisfaction and happiness comes from being of service to others , but some times we don't understand why we should give back and how to incorporate giving into our lives,I wish to break it down with what I have experienced,am sure a few could relate to it.

Why should we give back?

Compassion,empathy and generosity can help us in understanding the concept of 'Giving back' better.Giving back can be
in any form and it is not just monetary all the times,because giving is not only inclusive of money ,giving can be imparting knowledge,showing our physical presence,sharing produce/veggies from garden,teaching young children or just any kind of good work.Giving is sharing and caring ,it gives us immense joy and contentment.

What are the ways of giving back?

Giving back is a life skill ,this will ingrain kindness in our lives,will help us in understanding the real purpose of life, teaching our children from real young age will shape them up for future, as kind and compassionate human beings.By doing this ,we not only raise children to become professionals but help them become well rounded individuals.Volunteering at community events,cooking at food shelter,home work help(tutoring) for children,cleaning up our own streets,signing up at a local library,donating money for social causes to uplift people in need,clothes donation,blood and organ donation are all giving back but in different forms .Fundraisers are also a part of giving back and the benefit is also tax-write-off.

How to inculcate the habit of giving back?

Cocreating a healthier world can be done only when there is a social movement and that can be achieved through cohorts (our communities) coming together and this will create a positive impact in all of our lives.

Spending money on others makes us happier than spending it on ourselves plus altruitic feelings can help us feel good about ourselves,because happiness and giving back are directly proportional.

The flier seen above is for  raising funds for Multiple Sclerosis patients in Coimbatore,India and is one of the first fundraisers that I will be so closely doing with the community,and it is for a good cause.Join me in opening your hands and  hearts and donate generously ,let's together make a difference in people's lives,we don't need boatloads of money ,all we need is a generous heart!

So don't wait join us on the coming Saturday at Shirdi Sai Parivar and let's show that  our collective effort can go long way in making the world a better place.Many of us may not be in a position to actually get out there and do the physical work of helping others, but we can still be a part through helping to support the workers (Swarga Foundation) who do, and through supporting their projects we become part of the team.

Let's make giving back contagious and inspire people around us to give more,fill each other's life with abundance and benevolence.Let's hardwire ourselves with kindness,compassion and be considerate to each other.

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