Inspiring women will feature  women who have made a difference in their own and people's lives ,they might have taken different ,difficult or even wild paths ,they might have fought against odds to become the change makers ,the influencers and the motivators that they have become!

Female leaders and friendships ehance ,enrich and empower each other ,builds the society into whole new people.The motto of Sukham Bhava is to highlight such women who have gotten up and stoody for themselves and for many other people ,these stories are intense ,and would stay forever in your inner heart sanctum.

The kind of empowerment women can bring to each other by sharing our personal stories, advice ,the true spirit of wanting other women and men to rise will open people's hearts and minds to a brand new understanding of life.

Sukham Bhava aims to bring such incredible stories to audience.
Let's lean in for female solidarity and stand for each other ,empower each other.
It is now time for reading stories!​ Happy Reading!!

Picture Courtesy :Cheryl Braganza, a Montreal-based artist.

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