Parul the Phoenix

“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have—life itself.” ~Walter Anderson

Life is not always fair but how we cope with pain and loss,how we appreciate our LIFE by taking it as a precious gift and not take it for granted or how ever destiny takes us is important.Resilience and tolerance are two skills which everyone must develop to fight back,get up when we fall down.We don’t give up ,don’t give in ,but fight hard ,face it with hope and faith which will lead to finding the true happiness and purpose of Life.

Parul is an example of someone who showed resilience inside out,her inner strength and resilience are commendable life skills  which she used as a springboard to rise all over again.

Sukham Bhava brings to you her incredible story ,read on to know how she build herself after a fatal accident,but like always before diving into the whole scoop, we have a brief note on Parul.

About Parul:

Parul is a freelance blogger on Health and Nutrition for various websites,her academia on Dietitics,Master’s in English and Library sciences contributes to the interest,she also runs her own Craft coaching center in Bangalore,she is a fitness enthusiast with keen interest in aerobics and zumba and is also an avid traveler.

Parul and family met with an accident 15 years back and the accident was brutal ,they all survived but were bedridden,life was taking a toll on them ,but she wasn’t among one who would give up ,she was going through a lot both physically and mentally.The aftermath of the severe crash had left the whole family in distress,she had to undergo two surgeries and was immobile and till date she has rods in her thigh bone,but then the accident did not deter her ,her female energies took this accident as a blessing in disguise which is why Sukham Bhava wants to celebrate this hero!

Hospitalization ,injuries,financial crunch,post trauma stress all these dreadful factors had left a great  psychological impact, but our hero gave life a new outlook,being a mother of a son and a daughter,she couldn’t see her children in depression,she stood up,led them by example ,retook her baby steps to live her life to the fullest again ,started teaching crafts to little children while on bed,took driving lessons with crutch and her body responded really well to the changes, this instilled her life with hope ,faith and happiness and she regained all her lost confidence ,slowly the family got back to the original zing and verve!

With good medical and emotional care ,the family also overcame monetary shortcomings and stabilized themselves and are now one happy family which stands as an example of rising from tragedies.

Sukham Bhava honors Parul and family and proudly proclaims her Parul the Phoenix.

Seven lessons from Parul’s life:

  • Have a positive outlook to rise from gripping depression rather than complaining and self pity.
  • Never give up ,whatever circumstances and situations be.
  • Always stay fit,alert and engage in activities which will cheer you up.
  • Be vocal about your tragedies, help people overcome fears and failures.
  • Be benevolent and contribute to the community by involving in charity and giving back.
  • Have friends other than husband and family.
  • Be vigilant and take charge of your life,it's you who will live your life.

As you read Parul passing her Life's toughest test with flying colors,we are guessing she may be doing her solo exhibitions all around India and spreading her wings of happiness.After all happiness is what we all seek?

She can be contacted at :[email protected] and her face book page on Upcycled/Recycled crafts

Tell us how Parul inspires you to get up and achieve your dreams!

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