Rejections ,Acceptance and Shifts

Let's start with a beautiful quote by Denis Waitley ,a motivational speaker. 

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing.”

One of the most important aspects about Failure and Rejection is that neither do we accept our failures,  nor do we embrace them as easily as we do it with our success and victory.In my attempt to do something for the Saree love ,I filed an application with Guinness Record Board about setting a new record,but the application didn't seem considerable for them and they rejected it ,but that will never deter my love for saree or for that matter anything else that am passionate about.Progressive people don't sit back on rejections and brood over it ,because every problem or failure is a growth opportunity.

Here is the Record Application Reference: 160318021159mnos for  Maximum Saree wearing women outside India and the description is as follows:

The record that am trying to set is to bring maximum number of Indian women who would like to drape a Saree.

Lately I see many Indian women not willing to wear a saree at work or in corporate offices ,because they are looked at strangely and this makes many uncomfortable and the uncomfortable women try to fit in and go with the crowd by just pick anything that would fit  in the American soil. 

One another reason being ,women inside the communities laugh at other women who don't embrace the change and try to fit in.
When women get together,embrace each other ,celebrate  friendships there can be a big change.This big change can empower us with extra energy and boost us to be who we are and not be the one that we are expected to be.This record will be set outside India in a location where women from all walks of life will meet at one place draping the six yards and celebrating their identity and ethnicity in a foreign land.

I got this idea after I saw my friends shying out to be who they are ,but they get amped up when they have some one who can drive or lead them!This event will be a game changer ,we can walk with our heads held high, be the real us wherever we live ,this will set an example to be a globally local person.Also I want to emphasis that any great thing as BIG as Group Guinness can happen if we all pitch in together.Am a home maker and I don't generate income on my own ,but I believe money is not the only thing that we we need to achieve something BIG.

I sincerely request you guys to approve this record after which we will decide the venue and organize the whole event.I plan to write on social media and advertise the event and invite women to join hands together.I have the ideas,the drive,passion to bring women together for a greater cause.This will be groundbreaking !

Keeping my fingers crossed to hear from you.More power ,light and shakti to this Saree Record.

The above application was rejected because Guiness Team thought it wasn't any different event and this kind of events do happen in India,but not even once did I feel that my attempt was funny or silly ,but I promised myself to strive and learn to iterate from my rejection and failures and through this write up I would want all those who read to accept rejections,failures and losing which will be a great paradigm shift in our lives.Mastering rejections takes practice, patience, and a few attitudinal shifts.Let the magicial shifts happen in all of our lives and may there be more happiness.

If this blog brought a small change in any one of your life ,I would like to know how it changed and how you wish to make the change infectious.

Let's be happy !

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