"What's the point of 'BEING ALIVE' if you don't at least try to do something remarkable" - John Green

We are totally on board with the above idea and it is true that we all can become someone remarkable only when we unleash our own potential and accept the LIFE given to us.It's always about picking ourselves up,growing stronger and confident than ever before and embracing life with a positive attitude.

To develop such optimistic attitude we must associate ourselves with happy people who can inspire and keep us going!
The uplifting story featured here starts from a fever and how this first fever took form of a debilitating disease,a neurological disorder and how our featured star faced this!
We all fall sick now and then,and when we get unwell,we say that we are sick!

Are we really sick or what is happening with us?Is it our body that makes us sick?
or Is it the Mind that makes us sick?Is it our body or the mind or what is it that makes us feel unwell or sick?

Will we be able to do our regular activities when we are not at ease?

To answer all these questions and reaffirm that WE are neither our DISEASE nor our DIAGNOSIS but we are much more than that - we have Sukham Bhava featuring Swarna the co-founder of Swarga Foundation who is an epitome of some one who refused to give up in the face of impossible obstacles that came in her life.

We emphasis that everybody can fight back by making wholehearted attempts,we all can manifest what we want to become,but only if we take inspirations and motivation from the right place and person!

Let's dive into our golden girl Swarna's motivating life!

About Swarna:
(as described in Swarga foundation)

Life is so random that nobody knows what is in store for them until it actually happens. We plan for rainy days but have no control over rain. In 2009, Swarnalatha J was a 29 year old managerial executive at an MNC in Bengaluru and a mother of a two year old boy. Everything seemed to be headed in the right direction when out of the blue came her rainy day. Her persistent high fever required hospitalization and it was diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis [MS]. Neither Swarna nor her husband, Guruprasad, had heard of MS and it changed everything overnight. MS is a debilitating disease where the causes were still being researched. Complete loss of mobility and the inability to independently manage activities of daily living shattered all of Swarna’s personal and professional aspirations. Hospitalization had become imperative and along with that depression and dejection set in. As she started to cope with MS and accompanying issues, she also realized that she could fight back. The significant losses on the personal and professional sides led to a discovery that she could still do a lot of things and make a difference in others’ lives. Thus began the Swarga Journey. By 2014, Swarnalatha & Guruprasad had relocated to Coimbatore and Swarna had given birth to a beautiful daughter, Gaana. Swarna had successfully organized cyclothons and puppet shows for residents in her new apartment complex and at NGOs in Coimbatore. In October’14, Swarna & Guru started a charitable trust named, ‘Swarga Foundation’.

Swarna obliged to make an exclusive video for Sukham Bhava audience!

Our golden girl along with the support of family and friends has built a life full of possibilities and these are lessons that can make us do more,be more and live life to the fullest without complaining about what we don't have!

To know more about Swarga foundation and their activities visit Swarna's foundation at www.swargafoundation.org.

Let's be limitless let's make this 'Inspiring each other' contagious!

Let's join hands to fight disabilities like Multiple Scleroris or just any other obstacle with boat loads of love and optimism.

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Swarnalatha the Golden girl

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