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The logo of Sukham Bhava was designed together with an architect and urban designer Yeshaswini.
The visual manifestation of Sukham Bhava is an awakened woman who stands as a connect between being modern and traditional,the aura around represents all that she embodies - love, intellect,empowerment and tranquility. She is strong,open,vulnerable,addresses the callings of her life’s purpose and continues to expand into it and is a role model for humanity.

About Yeshaswini

Although Doodlewini's inclination for sketching and comic illustration started from her early childhood,especially during boring classroom lectures,it took her a few years to passionately listen to her creative side and share her work with the world.The artist in her woke up to sketching extensively after marriage when she moved to the United States.
Besides doodling ,sketching ,our featured artist is also into cooking health food,photography and is also a clothes horse.

The young artist feels that drawing is thinking and it makes mind deeply engrossed and cognitive,doodlwini draws inspiration from every little thing in life, it may be a bird chirping outside the window or a breakfast she cooked in the morning or a simple exercise regimen she follows or her favorite childhood memory.Thanks to technology and digital doodling that helps her evocate her story telling capabilities.
Here is a simple doodle from the doodlewini on 'How to start doodling'?

We approached the artist for making a doodle logo she readily accepted to do it free of cost,and this act reaffirmed that many simple things in life are for free ,her altruistic nature and faith in money not being everything has left a deep impact on us because like her we do believe in the saying 'The most satisfying experiences do not cost any money and money is not the answer to everything.

Talk to the artist at her Face book  page and the blog provided below ,she has downloadable coloring pages that can be therapeutic.

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Few of her doodles here!